Where to buy Thill Custom Wheels

I've recently started building wheels for <a href="http://www.sevenspokesbikeshop.com/">Seven Spokes Bike Shop</a>. This is a nice little shop in Saint Paul's Highland Park neighborhood, but they can work with you even if you're not local. Give them a call for all your custom wheel needs. 

I have been building wheels for about 12 years, and have built probably 2000 wheels in that time. The first one I built, and most others, are still in service today. I have built many wheels for touring bikes, commuter bikes, racing bikes, cargo bikes, randonneur bikes, kooky home-brewed bike-like contraptions, fat bikes, plus-bikes, e-bikes, Lefty forks, wheelchairs. If you need wheels that are for your dream bike, for basic transportation, or even for something really weird you aren't legally able to explain to me, I can probably help you.